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If you are an Australian equipment supplier then you need a vendor finance / sales-aid solution. This is because vendor finance is used by the most successful equipment suppliers to increase sales.



Would you like to:

  • make it easy for your clients to buy your equipment?
  • help your clients upgrade their current equipment to your equipment today?

As an equipment supplier why not offer a finance / leasing option to your customers.


By introducing your customers to a leasing option you can increase the affordability of your products. Your customers can acquire your equipment immediately by making affordable regular payments without having to outlay cash which can affect their cash flow in the future. It's also a much easier way to sell equipment, especially if the customer wants to use that equipment to generate income which in turn will assist in paying for the purchase.



At Boston Capital we work with you to understand your sales processes, we then implement into your business a tailored finance solution making it easier for your clients to afford your equipment.


Our service continues as we assist each of your customers in organising their finance approval.


At Boston Capital we have a specialty in vendor finance / sales-aid finance. We are experienced in structuring all types of sales-aid finance solutions for all types of business requirements.


Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Form co-branding with your business name and logo
  • Simple easy to use finance application process
  • Fast approvals
  • Reliable and quick finance settlements
  • Full Doc and Low Doc finance options
  • Ongoing training and support for you and your staff


Your success in business is tied with the amount of sales your business can make. A successful vendor finance program tailored for your customer requirements will set your business apart from your competition.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow into a better, stronger, business today, simply call us or, if you prefer, you may request a call back and we can have a Boston Finance expert contact you at a more suitable time Request a Call Back. (link coming soon...)



Protect your revenue

By offering an attractive financing plan you don’t have to rely on discounts to make a sale. In fact, many vendor financers sell “add-ons” with the product and increase sales volume.


Boost sales margins 

Agreed payments over a set period mean you can increase your bottom line profit on the equipment you sell.


Close more sales

When you have the option to tell customers that they can pay, say $650 a month over 5 years rather than $35,000 today, it gives you a real advantage over your competition.


Become more valuable

By offering vendor finance you don’t just solve your client’s equipment needs, you allow them to keep important cash resources for more immediate requirements.



How a Cash Sale vs Monthly Payment Looks

To explain how vendor finance can make your business more appealing to clients, let’s take a look at a simple scenario:

  • Company A only accepts upfront payment of $35,000. This requires the customer to pay cash.
  • Company B offers vendor financing, giving their client the option to use the equipment for only $700 per month (approx.) and then own it after 5 years, without the requirements of a large cash outlay.








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