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Lease Back

Capitalise on the value of the equipment your business already owns

Boston Capital Business leaseback finance is the smart way to acquire needed funds sitting idle in the value of you current fleet, or equipment.  


Your business can benefit by releasing extra funds that can be better utilised. Why not improve your working capital, or cash flow position with Boston Capital, and avoid the large upfront costs of purchasing.


Our leaseback finance product can unlock hidden cash, in the form of the current auction value of owned equipment. Boston Capital can provide finance up to 90% of auction value of your otherwise idle equipment.


Call Boston Capital now if you’d like to know more about how a competitive lease back deal can help your business grow.


Business Finance

Flexibility is a key advantage when financing from Boston Capital. We’ll help you choose the right financing for your business needs, whether you wish to purchase a business, increase stock, or working capital or new equipment.


Contact Boston Capital. We have full doc and low doc funding options to cover most requirements.


Your choice of payment options

One of the greatest advantages of Boston Capital equipment financing for many businesses is the choice of payment options, rather than the substantial upfront cost of purchasing.


Contact Us if you’d like to know more about the flexibility of Boston Capital payment options, such as structured payments, payment holidays and seasonal payments.









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