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Commercial Property and Construction Funding Strategy


For some Intermediaries, Commercial Property and Construction funding can be quite a daunting process. These types of facilities require a certain level of expertise to prepare proposals in a format suitable for submission to a funder.


At Boston Capital we understand that there are many Intermediary groups who specialise in that style of funding and who target other intermediaries for referrals. In many instances they require the payment of upfront fees as well as charging a reasonably large Settlement Fees.


We are aware that many Intermediaries don’t want another group or intermediary contacting their clients. The reason being is that they have invested a lot of time and effort to obtain the clients confidence and they don’t want an overzealous individual /external group to put that relationship at risk.


At Boston Capital we are prepared to operate as a back office solution for Intermediaries. For a small Fee, (depending on the size and complexity of a proposal) we will prepare a detailed generic proposal on behalf of the Intermediary that they can then submit to a lender.


We will not contact the client. Instead we will provide the Intermediary with a detailed list of information that is required to complete the proposal. This provides the Intermediary with the following benefits:-


  • Total control of the client relationship
  • A professional image, capable of dealing with complex proposals.
  • Reduced cost to the client
  • Potential for the Intermediary to generate greater revenue
  • Improved product knowledge


If you have a deal you would like to discuss or if you want to know more about this innovative approach being adopted by Boston Capital please give us a call.







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Boston capital offers great opportunities for introducers to partner with us allowing direct access to all products and funders.


Boston Capital partners enjoy the benefit of our funding contacts and panel of lending sources, as well as access to our wide range of services, from business finance to property finance, insurance, accounting and legal services.


Take advantage of the years of experience we have and utilise that to benefit your business and customers.


Contact Our Office Today to find out how you can partner with Boston Capital.









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