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Trade Finance

Our Import Cashflow Finance (ICF) product is designed to assist importers with short term requirements for individual shipments.


It was introduced to assist the growing number of importers who were struggling to secure adequate terms from their Suppliers – many being required to pay large deposits and the balance via TT upon shipping. Our ICF product enables Suppliers to be paid in full upon shipment, whilst providing the Importer with unsecured, extended terms at very competitive rates.  It is done on a deal by deal basis and involves very little administration, proving to be a straightforward method of assisting companies to manage their cash flow.


The process begins with the lender undertaking an assessment of the Importer (Buyer) to establish an appropriate credit limit. Once approved and an order is placed (this takes approx 10 days) with the supplier, agreements are signed by both Buyer and Seller – the agreements are straight forward documents comprising just 3 pages each. A loading date is supplied and the lender sends collection documents to the Buyer’s bank. The goods are shipped and the Buyer receives a faxed copy of the BL, after which time the Buyer attends their bank to sign the collection documents. The lender organizes for the original shipping documents to be sent to the Buyer and the Seller is paid. The Buyer is entitled to previously agreed terms – generally 30, 60 or 90 days from shipping  – which are flexible and negotiated on a deal by deal basis. The fee structure is very straightforward, with the Buyer being charged a flat percentage fee based on the cost of goods sold.


30 Days – 5.5%

60 Days – 6.5%

90 Days – 7.5%



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