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Car Finance

Boston Capital has access to a variety of finance options to suit your needs, including personal car finance, business finance or novated leasing, car loans and insurance, including loan protection.


Boston Capital has access to great finance products allowing us to offer our clients the most competitive car finance deals.



Business Vehicle Finance

Boston Capital offers a range of finance solutions for when your business needs vehicle finance. From a new fleet to a company car, ask Boston Capital how we can help you get the finance deal that is right for you and your business.



Car Loan Protection Insurance

This cover will pay your loan repayments if you cannot work due to sickness, injury or disease, or if you become involuntarily unemployed. Boston Capital offers a complete range of  vehicle insurance products. For further information contact our office today.



Novated Leases

Novated leases are an effective way for employees to get the tax benefits of leasing a vehicle without needing to have an ABN.



Personal Car Finance

With access to the lowest rates available we can offer our PAYG customers comfort in knowing they will get the right deal.



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